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Welcome to our Deep Space History of beers. Some are popular and available, some are seasonal or rotating, and some were brewed once and then lost to deep space. We wanted to share our beer history and labels with you.
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Millennial Falcon, Hazy IPA

We packed this IPA full of Citra, Summit, and Vic Secret hops to give it a citrus and juicy nose with an IPA smack to the tongue fit for not only the Millennial but for Boomers to Gen Z.

ABV 6.8%

IBU 47

Plan B, American Pale Ale

Aptly named due to various obstacles encountered brewing our first beer, Plan B became such a hit that the recipe (and name) stuck. Dry hopped exclusively with Citra hops this coppery colored pale ale boasts a huge citrus aroma and taste with mild to moderate bitterness that many have come to love (IPA lovers and haters alike!)

ABV 7.3%

IBU 36

Antimatter Cloud, Non-Hazy NE IPA

A traditional New England take on a New England IPA, four different hops (Citra, Chinook, Mosaic, Fuggle) complete the smooth mouthfeel. A nose-full of hops with a floral finish awaits you.

ABV 7.1%

IBU 32

Martian Peat, Scottish Ale


Biscuit and sweet malt flavors are augmented by a smooth peat flavor. A slight caramel and nice body is experienced with this “neat” Scottish-style ale. Slàinte mhath. 

ABV 5.4%


Rotating Favorites

Space Cam, Belgian Wit

A Belgian witbier complete with coriander and orange peel. Chamomile was used in the boil to bring a distinctive characteristic to this easy drinking beer.

ABV 4.5%

IBU  7

O-RYE-on, Rye India Pale Ale

Crisp light IPA with Rye. What does Rye taste like? Slightly spicy, slightly grainy, some of the flavor comes on the backend after you finish a drink. It's a distinctive flavor to change up your normal line-up.

ABV 5%

IBU  62

Brexit Velocity, English Brown Ale

Created when the brewer's friend said "I want you to brew an Alt for my wedding". The Alt wasn't brewed but this light "dark" beer with caramel and chocolate notes was. It has been popular since.

ABV 4.5%

IBU  21

Coming In Hot, Habanero Passionfruit Wheat

Spicy habanero cuts the sweet passionfruit in this wheat beer to give it a balanced flavor that will leave your taste buds wanting more.

ABV 4.8%

IBU  9

Transporter, Porter

A traditional porter crafted with roasted barley. Heavy enough to delight a dark beer enthusiast, light enough to have another.

ABV 5.8%

IBU  28

Eclipsing Binary, IIPA

Our first double IPA. Comet hops were used to create a grapefruit note to this nice treat.

ABV 8.2%

IBU 90

Kolsch of Khan, Kolsch

My old friend, do you know the old proverb that tells us beer is a dish that is best served cold? It is very cold in space!

ABV 4.3%

IBU  15

Imperial Stout


ABV 9.0%

IBU  36

Wil's Wheat'N: Roddenberry, Blueberry Wheat Ale


Blueberries were used to give this wheat beer its flavor and color. A nice refreshing addition to any of Wil’s WheatN beers.

ABV 4.9%

IBU  9

Plummeting to Earth, Plum Cream Ale

A smooth cream ale infused with plum puree for a sweet summer drink.

ABV 4.5%

IBU  12

Caber Launch 2019, Wee Heavy Ale

Think of a Wee Heavy as an Imperial Scottish Ale. Something a little different and should warm you up from the inside out. Currently only available in bottles. 

ABV 9.0%

IBU  28

Wil's WheatN-Berry, Mixed Berry Wheat Ale


Raspberries and blackberries were used to give this wheat beer its flavor and color. Don’t let the purple scare you, it’s delightful.

ABV 4.9%


Tropic *F Cancer, Cream Ale with Fruit



ABV 4.5%

IBU 12

Earth Angel, India Pale Ale

Commonly misread as Earth Angle, this IPA uses earthy flavored hops (Crystal, Nugget) to bring out the namesake.  

ABV 6.8%

IBU 64

Dark Matter Blond, Blond Porter

Don’t let the color fool you…this light colored ale has a deep, rich flavor with hints of cocoa and coffee beans. 

ABV 7.3%

IBU 40

Mextra-terrestrial, Mexican Chocolate Stout

Mexican Chocolate Stout brewed with guajillo chilies and cocoa nibs with a hint of cinnamon. You don't need to be from outer space to enjoy this terrestrial beer.

ABV 4.7%

IBU  27

Preflight Czech, Czech Pilsner

Clear golden color with subtly sweet biscuit notes balanced by the spicy hop bitterness. This clean easy drinking beer is perfect for the summer months ahead.

ABV 4.7%

IBU  41

Daybreak Coffee Amber

Beer for breakfast? Of Course! Especially when it’s brewed with local Longbottom’s Ethiopian Mocha Harrar beans. Dried in cherry, this smooth coffee lends fruity undertones to our amber ale. Well balanced with toasted, malty sweetness, this brew is the perfect pick-me-up any time of day.

ABV 6.4%

IBU  36

Alternate Orbit, Altbier

What the heck is an Alt?  Sometimes referred to as an Amber or Brown Ale, this Old-Style German beer is smooth and medium bodied with a complex malt flavor that should leave you with a clean palate for more.

ABV 5%

IBU  22

ISS Irish Stout

Tired of a marshmallow, peanut butter, sour, hazy, chocolate stout? We were too. Here is our Irish Stout.

ABV 5.0%

IBU  28

Tidal wHeat, Mango Pineapple Habanero Wheat

A subtle sweetness of mango and pineapple on the nose balanced by a low tide of habanero heat on the tongue. This refreshing brew will keep pulling you back for more.

ABV 4.5%

IBU  9

Jet Lag-er, Coffee Lager

Local Coffee Roasters, Bennett Urban Farm Store, provided a wonderful cold brew to add to this mild coffee lager. 

ABV 4.3%

IBU  13

Laforge Lager, Lager

Sometimes it takes a beer colored visor to see the small print of a book. 

ABV 4.3%

IBU  13

Comet the Reinbeer, Winter Warmer

At 5.9% ABV it's more of a finger warmer vs a hand warmer.

ABV 5.9%

IBU  28

Red Dwarf Star, Irish Red Ale

You don't have to wait three million years for this one.

ABV 4.3%

IBU  19

Keck 42, Mango Pineapple Wheat Ale

The Keck Observatory in Hawaii is oddly 4200m above sea level; what a coincidence.

ABV 4.5%

IBU  19

Common Good, Kentucky Common Ale

It might be uncommon, but it is one of the few beer styles to originate in the United States. This creamy, light-but darker colored beer is easy drinking.

ABV 5.5%

IBU  25

General Grevious's Quad

Belgian Quad aged for 8 months in a whiskey barrel.

ABV 11.2%

IBU  22

Infinite Probability Ale

Our rotating IPA recipe to test things out. If good, it gets it's own name and label. If not, we don't talk about those anymore. 

ABV ??%

IBU  ??

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